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Clear PVC Vinyl Fabrics
Tarp Supply抯 20 MIL & 30 MIL Clear PVC Vinyl Tarp Fabrics allows for total transparency and light transmittance. Our Clear PVC Vinyl material is completely waterproof and have high abrasion resistance. Clear PVC fabrics also resist oil, chemical, and mildew and protect well against the element. Clear PVC fabrics provide an ideal clear enclosure for commercial and residential use. Also available in Fire Retardant Clear PVC Vinyl.

Clear PVC Vinyl Fabrics
  • Available in 20 MIL, 20MIL Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl & 30 MIL
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent performance in cold temperatures
  • Sold by the yard or in Clear PVC Rolls, No Grommets, Width is 54", Length in Continuous Yards

    Fabric is shipped in Continuous Yardage up to length of the fabric roll. For example, 5 yards of cut-yard fabric ordered is shipped as 5 continuous yards, NOT 5 individual 1-yard pieces.

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