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Dog Kennel TarpsTarp Supply brings you top of the line materials for your pets?needs. Choose from super heavy duty vinyl covers and 55% mesh covers for your dog kennels:

Vinyl Kennel Covers provide a solid protective barrier between your pets and foul weather elements. Waterproof vinyl kennel covers shield your pets from wind, rain, snow and UV light, providing a safe haven during wintertime and complete shade during summertime. Vinyl is a flexible non-porous material that is easy to clean and upkeep.

Mesh Kennel Covers, on the other hand, offer air circulation and some light penetration to provide a partially shaded and well-ventilated overhead covering for your pets. 55% mesh covers block out about 55% of the light and break winds by about 60%. Mesh covers can carry packing snow but will eventually let water leak through once melted.

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More detailed specifications are noted below for easy comparison:
Vinyl Kennel Covers Mesh Kennel Covers
Vinyl Coated Polyester Vinyl Coated Woven POlyethylene Threads
18oz per square yard 10oz per square yard
Waterproof Breathable; NOT Waterproof
Blocks wind completely Breaks wind by ~60% Blocks sunlight completely Blocks ~55% of sunlight Made in USA; Custom Sizes Available Made in USA; Custom Sizes Available 10 Colors Available: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow 11 Colors Available: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Dark Green, Maroon(Dark Red), Orange, Red, Tan, and White

Popular Uses
  • Dog Kennel Covers, Dog Cage Covers, Dog House Covers, Pet Pen Covers, Pet Kennel Covers

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