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Heavy Duty Moving BlanketsProtect your valuables with moving blankets from Tarp Supply! Our moving pads offer excellent durability and protection, great for truckers, movers, campers --also great as pet bedding and blankets!

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets
  • 72攛 80?Moving Pads
  • Dark Blue/Light Blue Reversible
  • Heavy Duty Polyester Fabric on two sides with non-woven binding on edges
  • All corners squared off and tacked for extra reinforcement and durability

  • Heavy Duty Moving Blanket [1 Pc]Heavy Duty Moving Blanket [1 Pc]
    Regular price:
    Sale price: $17.99
    Heavy Duty Moving Blanket [12 Pcs]Heavy Duty Moving Blanket [12 Pcs]
    Regular price:
    Sale price: $213.99


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