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Machine CoversTarp Supply can custom make machine covers of all types and colors. Our 5-sided box covers can be used for indoor and outdoor machine covers, pallet covers, AC covers, equipment covers, log covers and many more. For custom dimensions, please contact us (orders@tarpsupply.com) with:
  1. Machine Cover Finished Size: Length (left to right) x width (front to back) x height (top to bottom)
  2. Machine Cover Material and color: please see below for available tarp fabrics and color
  3. Grommet placement and spacing
Available Machine Cover Fabrics and colors:
  1. Vinyl tarp fabrics: 10oz, 14oz, 18oz, 22 oz vinyl coated polyester fabrics; 13oz or 18oz flame retardant vinyl laminated polyester fabrics.
  2. - Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Brown, Tan, Camouflage (18oz only)
  3. Canvas tarp fabrics: 16oz, 18oz, 21oz Treated Water-Resistant Canvas tarp fabrics
  4. - Green (16oz), Brown (16oz), White (16oz), Tan (16, 18oz), Olive Drab (16, 18, 21oz)
  5. Clear PVC vinyl fabrics: 20Mil, 30Mil clear PVC vinyl fabrics; 7oz clear poly fabrics
  6. Poly tarp fabrics: 7oz/12Mil Heavy Duty Silver/black or Silver/white poly tarp fabrics; 7oz/12Mil Flame Retardant poly tarp fabrics


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