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#10 Artist CanvasSelect from Tarp Supply's top grade all natural canvas tarps, drop cloths, and fabrics. Our premium numbered Duck canvas tarps feature a tighter and stronger weave construction over single fill duck canvas. This tigher weave allow numbered canvas tarps to be stiffer and less permeable to liquids, inks, paints, etc. Numbered canvas fabric is categorized by weight in a descending order, in that a #12 is the lightest and #4 is the heaviest and toughest. Please also see the following weight chart:

Numbered Canvas Weight
#12 Natural Canvas 11.25 oz/sq yd
#10 Natural Canvas 14.75oz per square yard
#8 Natural Canvas 18oz per square yard
#4 Natural Canvas 24oz per square yard

Numbered duck canvas is great for canvas tents, upholstery, tarps, drop cloths, silk screening, digital printing, theatrical backdrops, etc. Heavyweight duck canvas is also an attractive and economical solution for sound dampening/barriers in media rooms, studios, offices, schools or at home as wall covering.

Fabric is shipped in Continuous Yardage up to length of the fabric roll. For example, 5 yards of cut-yard fabric ordered is shipped as 5 continuous yards, NOT 5 individual 1-yard pieces.

5' Wide #10 Natural Canvas per Yard5' Wide #10 Natural Canvas per Yard
Regular price:
Sale price: $12.99
10' Wide #10 Natural Canvas per Yard10' Wide #10 Natural Canvas per Yard
Regular price:
Sale price: $31.99